Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Party bags, year 3 1/2!

This years bags were a bit of a rush as i left it all a bit late. Despite this im finally finished with a few days to go. But i still have a pinata, a dress and a cake to make! Even though i could bust my balls to finish all this there are still two variables.....the weather; our British summer has been generally disasterous, so much so i have forgotten what sun looks like and im still wearing wellies to do the nursery run. Secondly, another spanner in the works is that my daughter has started to show signs of chicken pox?! Sigh....do the forces that be not realise how hard i've been working for a pregnant lady?

Anyway, ive done too much to give up, so im just pretending all is fine for now. This years print is a simple harlequin pattern. I wanted bold and geometric and left the colour up to chance. I took all my pre-mixed inks from past printing and grouped them to mix up these two colours. Two reds, a pink and an orange, made this red. The green came from two greens mixed with a yellow. Not quite what i would have chosen but im happy that i recycled as i really hate waste. Funny though that the two colours are very much Christmas colours and my daughters real birthday is boxing day. I may have explained the half year birthday thing already, if not its too complicated!

I originally cut a diamond stencil but it wasn't efficient so i paid to have my drawing put on to screen properly. Made the process much more simple, speedy and the results are always much better. Pity i cant afford to do this more often.

I printed in small lengths to the size of the patterns i needed as it was the best way to get the fabric to dry and print it all in one day using my small table.

This was the most tiring bit, getting my heavily pregnant self down on the floor and mauvering around to cut out all the fabric.

Sewing was slow but a joy with my extendable table, meaning i could hop from sewing to overlocking.

The bundle of goodies that i had to constantly guard from the little one who kept trying to pinch the sweets and treats!

The finished bags. they have a gusset and double stitched handles, soft but strong.

The girls version...

....and the boys version.

Party bags done, now for the dress, which my friend has printed some beautiful fabric for me to use. though i have no idea what to make and have to make from scratch, no pattern, no toile.....hop to it!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

pom pom pom

A quick birthday present for a lovely lady. Its fun and colourful but i feel i cheated....a lot! The fabric is obviously purchased. I do like a colourful stripe, you may remember my sofa from before, well this is the updated  2012 colour way. I love it. Then i used one of my Clover pom pom makers. A super quick little tool that lets you make these fuzzy balls faster than you ever could have imagined! What would have taken me a week took a few hours. Great. I still have lingering desires to make a pom pom pouf  as well as some little felt clown/harlequin party hats. One day..........