Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Clection' tray

My daughter has been 'collecting', mostly junk and really random things for quite some time. It started with an episode of Charlie and Lola, in which Lola really doesn't get the idea of collecting things that are the same or alike one another. Her brother Charlie tries to explain to her, though in a way she doesn't really grasp the concept of collecting and i guess that's kind of what happened in our house too. Having gotten fed up with constantly having twigs and random bits of rubbish in my bag, my pocket, in my bedroom, the kitchen, well just about everywhere my daughter would stash things, i decided to get her a place to store them. She always referred to these things as her 'Clection' so it seemed only fit that we should collate them and she could try and take ownership of these items. I got an old type set tray and as it was really shabby decided to spray it. She requested pink (eugh) and i dutifully obliged. However the can i had ran out and when i thought i got the same pink it turned out to be neon. So here we have one shoddily coated tray with a rather equally odd collection of things. She loves it and is still collecting and I'm just happy i don't have to walk around with this kind of stuff in my pockets anymore. All happy.

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