Saturday, 21 July 2012

Crystal maze.... DIY moments

I'm due to give birth at any moment and in stereotypical hormone fuelled madness i decided now was the time to start some DIY projects that i would never normally attempt. Crystal Maze style, racing until the timer is up and i'm locked in with new baby. I have re-decorated my bedroom, freecycled/ charity shopped and thrown out most of my past life, pre- kids. Then built some shelves for better storage and basically just painted a white canvas ready for the new one to come and make his mark. Then i also decided to put a fitted, built in cupboard in the living room, to hide my silk screens, dehumidifier and sewing machines. Keeping them within easy reach but just not on display. Why i even thought i could manage to build a fitted cupboard in our late 1800's flat with wonky walls, and floors...i don't know. All i can say is these hormones are amazing. If it weren't for the huge belly getting in the way, i'd bottle this and use it as a miracle potion!

Now i'm not claiming that my work is particularly impressive, more that i'm 39+ weeks and i've been drilling and sawing like a mad woman. And despite it all, i actually managed to pull off what i set out to achieve and without any problems. That is the impressive part.... or at least i am impressed with myself!

The shelves of dumped junk i wanted to sort out

First i had to build the frame. It needed to clear some tiles on the floor as well as an electrical socket that was exactly in the way. It also needed to be exactly level so that the doors would fit without problems. The whole alcove was a bit wonky, not to mention the floor even sloped but my new spirit level helped.

They even gave me a free saw at my local woodshop! A pregnant lady doing DIY is obviously a bit of a novelty. They all know me at the woodshop, its pretty much a second home. Its an amazing privately run hardware store with everything you could ever need. A cavern of delights. But its actually closing for good in a month. Due to retirement of the owners- im pretty gutted, i almost cried when i found out.

Levelling the doors at the bottom. You can see the shelf at the top is also wonky. It will need re-making.

I fixed the doors and fitted a new, level shelf, then filled around my framework. There has to be a hole for the electrical socket as i plan to use it often and didn't want to wire some kind of complex extension cable.

Its finished! I know its very plain, no beading or decoration but that's kind of what i wanted. My daughter requested that i painted the whole cupboard pink and i refused. We had a little discussion about it and on compromise i said we could have glossy pink handles. But that the cupboard HAD to be white! She's sort of happy. Next project... the lamp stand! Thinking a re-paint and to get rid of the hideous ikea lampshade. Baby may come before but equally i could be waiting another two weeks before they force him out. No point in twiddling my thumbs.....must keep busy.

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