Sunday, 15 July 2012

Curtains with tie back pegs

We had to get some curtains up as our living room blind broke and living in a ground floor flat with our window right against the pavement, it was pretty urgent to keep the prying eyes out. I never used to bother pulling the blind down except when we had guests to stay but after an entire family pressed their noses up against my window one day, just to have a snoop, i felt a little exposed and had to consider closing ourselves off from the outside world. Not to mention our flat was a real dump before i did any DIY and now i don't really want our lovely little world on display for all to see and snoop in at. Its our hide-away, a safe little corner of fun and colour and of course the occasional tantrum! (ahem)

These were made from a heavy weight cotton canvas designed by Kristine Mandsburg, a Danish illustrator who has a really strong graphic style with a slightly dark edge. I really like her use of line in this print but i would have preferred the fabric without the pink birds...then saying that it matches really well with our Pirum Parum print that sits in the same room. So i quickly stitched these up and then put up another two of my wall hanging pegs as sort of tie backs i suppose, i didn't have anything else and it was a bit of a rush job. They work though, so its all good!

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