Wednesday, 11 July 2012

DIY madness

So I'm absent again..... i have two weeks left  until i give birth and to fit the stereotype, i have decided to re-decorate........ my room and desk area this time. It wasn't even on the list of things to do, there are so many other jobs on that A4 list. I just hope baby will be on time, or even a little late as our tiny flat is again mayhem, not to mention the builders are coming to work on the hall floor tomorrow. This sounds fancy but actually they are just trying to fix the shoddy job they did a few months back where they laid paper thin laminate in our rented flat, which of course has all buckled and resembles something more of a trampoline than a walk-able surface. So stay in there baby while i get my drilling and paining and saw-ing done, that would be helpful.

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