Sunday, 15 July 2012

Favourite food bags

I actually made these just before Christmas. You may remember the dolls/teddy bears picnic blankets in pink or yellow with the same grey print. These bags were the original product, which i designed the print for but ended up never progressing from the sample stage and have still not been finalised. The idea was that each bag would come with a set of pens so that you could draw your favourite food onto the plate. I experimented with different fabric pens and couldn't quite decide what to go for...the type that is permanent or the type that washed out each time you wash the bag! Then the bag itself became a bit of an issue. It was obviously easier to buy ready made bags to print on as they are cheaper and easier to produce multiples when printing but i didn't much like the quality, always preferring the type i make myself, using quality canvas and careful stitching. These of course were costly to make not to mention very labour intensive. I however have a bundle of these samples that i give away and still hope to get back to producing them properly one day in the future.

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