Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wall hanging pegs

These again, were made just before Christmas and you may also remember them from our Christmas pop up shop as they were the display hooks that we used throughout, to hang bags and clothes. They stemmed from a love of the iconic Eames Hang-it all  of which i still covert but cant quite justify on my budget. With the obsession for bright coloured gloss objects still fresh on my DIY list (you may also remember the bathroom light pull i made), i decided to come up with an interesting sort of coat hook or display peg that could be used for the numerous hanging items that we wanted to display. They were specifically designed for the shop but i had the intention to develop them or use them after. In principal they are very simple to make. I got a few wooden broom handles from my local independent wood shop, a bargain at £1 each, as well as a large bundle of small wooden door knobs, a bit more pricey at £1.25 each. Cutting the broom handles up into various lengths i then drilled down the length of each piece, from both ends about an inch and attached the door knobs using double ended screws. The next bit was a little less professional as i did a strange fill job around the join as the diameters were not an exact match and i wanted a smooth rounded finish. After this i then painted the knobs and a specific length down the stem of the pegs using enamel paints. Having masked the pegs first to ensure a perfect edge to the painting. When dry i used another double ended screw to fix the pegs to the wall. Very simple to fix to the wall and then fun and colourful to look at. I made about 20 or so of these and have finally started to use them around the house. They always get compliments and indeed one person from our Christmas shop enquired how much they were to buy. However if they were to be produced for sale they would need a fair bit of improving but for now, in my own home, I'm happy with them.  I have just put a bundle of them up on a wall as well as used them as curtain tie backs and also as a wall lamp hanger.


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