Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Off the scene

Currently adjusting to the general noise levels in our flat. Baby now 8 weeks and 3yr old feels its necessary to sing (read 'shout') loudly to drown out his cries, because she doesn't like it. Result- deaf and exhausted me. 
Anyway, i have a few things on the go. Made another plastic bag holder from quilted Sanderson fabric for my sister. Still have that lamp stand to deal with but cant decide on a lampshade size/colour yet. I have a project in mind for my hallway but need to check it with my lovely landlady first and that one will require a lot of work and some paint funds too! Though I'm hesitant now that my favourite hardware/wood store has finally closed, I'm still mourning it i guess and therefore have a mental/ emotional block! Alongside this i have started to make two fairy fancy dress costumes for my daughter and her friend. Both pink of course. Luckily I'm making them in a size too big to give me plenty of time to complete!

I also recently bought a radio so that i can work away without fussing around on the computer, so hopefully it will help me be a little more productive, as long as baby is sleeping that is. Sigh.........