Monday, 26 November 2012

Pom Pom garland

The idea was to make a string of pom poms, or garland if you will, that could be hung in the hallway. To add some colour, without getting in the way, to our very small flat. 153 pom poms later and I was hoping it would be a little more impressive than it is but maybe i didn't do enough or maybe it should have been hung more randomly. Will be seeking the advice of my creative partner. She always has the answers!

I chose acrylic yarn over real wool as you cant really tell the difference when made into pom poms. It is a heck of a lot cheaper and no need to worry about it becoming a home for the moths!

This is what 150 pom poms looks like, three different sizes.

Keep the ends long til they are threaded up. Whenever you make a pom pom, its important to keep the tied ends long , giving you more ways to fix it. You trim them off once the pom pom is tied in place.

I sorted the pom poms, big, medium and small into a pattern of colour. That's kind of what i do. I like random arrangements as well but id say it always tends to be a slightly 'controlled' random.

Threaded them all up.

Spaced and hot glued in place. As the weight of this garland will make all the pom poms move about if they are not fixed properly.

Hung it from the ceiling in the grey hallway.

Its cheery and colourful and I'm perfectly happy with it.....but something is just not right if you know what i mean...? Any ideas?
(Excuse these night time pictures, the glow in the flat is very yellow at this time)

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