Friday, 8 March 2013

World book day

World book day was not really going to be a day for which i intended to sew a costume. But last minute, I got the guilt about sending my child to school in an un-original store bought Gruffalo costume. So having previously made a broomstick and a wand so that my daughter could pretend to be the witch from Room on the Broom, we decided to make up the rest of the look. It may not look like much but i was frantically sewing until the night before. Maybe the most ridiculous part of it is that she only had to wear it for three hours, as she's at a part time nursery! Anyway, it will go with the rest of the dressing up clothes, so hopefully it gets some more use in the future. Here are the things i stitched.....A wand, a ginger plait with a clip in bow, a pointy black hat, a cape with broach and a polka dot skirt. And that skirt was entirely hand polka-dotted! Phew..its over, now back to the rest of my things.

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