Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Bed for Rosa!

This is the bed I made for Rosa in the living room. It occupies the bottom shelf on our set of Ladderax.

We had to move all the puzzles and board games once the wee one started crawling as too many pieces were going missing. My Daughter set up camp there for Rosa instead and asked me to make her a bed.

I went to the local foam shop and got a piece cut to the dimensions of the shelf.

Then made a cover for it and stitched it shut. I then marked up points on both sides to button stud it.

It looked like this. Its studded both sides.

It fits phew! I then made a mattress topper (yes, i'm nuts!) and a fitted sheet as well as a matching duvet and pillow both with removable covers. I thought it might teach my daughter how to make her bed! Fat Chance!

As you can see, the wee one has also learnt to climb and not only uses it as a bed for himself but still pulls everything off!

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