Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Roll up roll up...the Christmas tree

This is our Christmas tree. I wanted something on the wall as the small one was just going to pull off all the decorations and cause daily devastation if we got a real tree. My daughter and I went out and collected fallen branches  and using a few other bits and pieces that we already had, I made this tree. I love it. It was nice to have something up on the wall for a change, kept the flat tidy and I didn't have to hoover pine needles daily.

First I marked out on the wall how big I wanted it to be.

We then stripped the bark, if the branches had any on and cut them to size.

Using the rest of a box of vintage wooden playing blocks that I had picked up for cheap on e-bay, I drilled them all right through.

I laid out the branches with blocks between them as spacers.

I threaded the branches and blocks onto very strong blind cord.

All the way to the top. It took a while, all evening!

This is what it looked like when I'd put the lights on. I used cable ties as it was quick. It wasn't so noticeable when all the decorations were on and really held them tight and in exactly the right place.

One of the great things about this design is that if you loosen the cord ever so slightly you can just roll it all up like a rope ladder and it becomes very easy to store. And then next year you can just roll it out again. Though I feel I might want to make a whole new one next year!

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