Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wedding Bunting

I made a few hundred meters of Bunting for a wedding. It was a really lovely chilled out festival style wedding. A whole lot of fun on a gorgeous hot sunny day last Summer. There was a pool for swimming, tons of booze, constant food and lots to do milling around the gardens of a beautiful house.
I will say, I had totally underestimated how long this was going take, not to mention how monotonous it would be cutting out triangles for eternity and sewing the same thing again and again. But I did it, there was plenty to decorate the whole place and it added some colour and a bit of festive cheer. The fabrics are all off cuts from old projects, childhood items of the brides and the old shirts of the groom. So while it does all look a bit random and mismatched, it holds a lot of memories within it all.

Here are some pictures from the day. Most of the photos are by Jo Buckley

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