Monday, 10 November 2014

Clothing rail

I needed a small solution for my tiny wardrobe. My clothes used to live in my daughters room but when we built the floating bed, all the extra junk had to come out of there. This was my solution. Its a giant version of my wall pegs that I have used a lot throughout the flat already. It has a metal rod on the inside of the dowel so it is quite strong. It is attached to the wall with an industrial metal threaded wall plug. It holds all my hanging clothing with room for a few more pieces. I'm very happy with it. I used the rest of the grey wood paint from the ladder in my kids bedroom which gives it a sophisticated feel and the giant ball on the end stops anything from sliding off. Job done!

Floating bed

We have a small two bed flat. Space is valuable and more importantly, how those spaces are designed becomes crucial to the functioning of a small but happy space. My son turned two at the end of the summer and i decided it was well overdue for him to move from my bedroom and into one of his own. As we only have one other bedroom...he had to go in with his sister. She was a little bit put out by the idea and as her room cannot fit two beds, we really had to think this one out. My first idea was a bunk bed but we didn't want to cut out light from the only window. Second.... im more than fussy about furniture and didn't like anything on the market that was suitable for our space. Then I had an idea for a floating bed that went over the doorway. Everyone said I was mad, that it was too high and that it would be impossible to make. Well yes, I decided it was a bit beyond my own skill set, so I found a talented man who could do it for me. I had designed the overall shape and height etc but my wonderful carpenter brought it to life. Here is the new room, redecorated, now fitting two beds spaciously inside what was a small one bed room. I am delighted with the results and so glad I persevered with the idea and didn't let anyone persuade me out of it. The kids love their new room and have been happily co-habiting for a few months. I highly recommend this idea for small spaces, it really will change the way you see your flat.

I bought a scaffold ladder instead of having a smaller one made, as i wanted to create a stong vertical within the space. As the floating bed brings the height of the room down, i wanted to visually extend it upward again. This really has worked within the room. People comment on how the room has hardly been changed and how amazing it is that we havent lost any floor space. Its true, it is pretty amazing! Im still undecided about wether i am going to finish the wood though. I do like the nude finish but it will obviously stain over time, so its something i need to consider.

I also chose a slatted base to give a lightweight appearance. I thought a solid piece of wood may appear a bit oppressive and too heavy. Slats also enable the air to circulate but i didnt want to see the bottom of the mattress, or sheets falling through as you walk underneath it. To solve this i bought a nice heavy weight canvas and stapled it on top of the slats, where the matress sits. It has a nice simple texture and keeps the visual clean and clear.

The ladder goes right up to the ceiling.

A few visuals you may notice from previous posts...lots of things i made here. I love bright colours on a white background. 

Gone fishing

I remember having a magnetic fishing game when I was younger. My sisters and I loved it. I was reminded about this game when I was  reading Ant and Bee and the Doctor to my daughter. The game in the story depicts lots of wonderful creatures that the characters fish for.
I wanted to create a similar game for my children so I set about getting a few materials that would enable me to sew something up.
I started by trying to get my 5yr old daughter to draw me some sea creatures that I would then sew up but this never really took off. She lost interest and having made the rods I put the materials away for a few months for momentum to strike.
Over 6 months later I re discovered the half finished project and decided to just make it as simply as I could so that it would at least get finished and the kids could play with it before they got too old. This is the result....
Made from the left over curtain fabric from my daughters room. Washers are attached to the eyes so that the magnetic rods can 'catch' the fish.