Monday, 10 November 2014

Gone fishing

I remember having a magnetic fishing game when I was younger. My sisters and I loved it. I was reminded about this game when I was  reading Ant and Bee and the Doctor to my daughter. The game in the story depicts lots of wonderful creatures that the characters fish for.
I wanted to create a similar game for my children so I set about getting a few materials that would enable me to sew something up.
I started by trying to get my 5yr old daughter to draw me some sea creatures that I would then sew up but this never really took off. She lost interest and having made the rods I put the materials away for a few months for momentum to strike.
Over 6 months later I re discovered the half finished project and decided to just make it as simply as I could so that it would at least get finished and the kids could play with it before they got too old. This is the result....
Made from the left over curtain fabric from my daughters room. Washers are attached to the eyes so that the magnetic rods can 'catch' the fish.

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