Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rosa's little red riding cape

If you are a regular reader, you may remember the Little red riding hood outfit that i made my daughter for world book week last year. You may have also read about Rosa and her many costumes. My daughter has been making great use of her cape and loves wearing it to school. She tells me that she lets everyone take turns in wearing it and even the boys seem to join in with this. So whilst i was clearing out my fabric scraps bin the other week to give to various playgroups and nurseries, I found the offcuts of the red cape velvet. I thought i'd make one last thing before giving the rest away and i chose to make a little cape for Rosa. It was pretty straight forward. I used elastic at the neck just as i did in the full size one but used a popper to fasten as i couldnt get a small enough button in red. I had to sew two button holes for the ears to poke out of, which was a little fiddly in the velvet but they are pretty secure. It going to be a christmas present, i hope she likes it!

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