Thursday, 26 March 2015

Frozen sing-a-long

It was the morning of the Frozen sing-a-long that my daughter had been invited to and I still hadn't bought or made a costume. My daughter was desperate for something to wear and was getting rather upset that we didn't have anything. My wonderful friend took the kids to the park and I quickly stitched this up before my daughter went off. By no means impressive but nice to know how quickly you can produce something when you put your mind to it. Unfortunately you can't see the silver foil printed Cape which my friend had printed as a length of fabric... And quite frankly made the costume. So hats off to her.
I had never seen the film at this point but I'm told by my daughter that her and her friend had the best costumes of all. Apparently everyone else turned up as clones of each other in the Disney store costume. Job done!

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