Sunday, 18 October 2015

Felled tree raised bed

A tree was being cut down adjacent to our estate and the tree surgeons kindly said we could take any of the logs. Having cut the trunk up into bite size sections they could haul away, we were allowed first pick. This was quite exciting but also rather challenging. As I was not going to be able to cut them further I had to spend ages choosing sections that would fit together as best as possible into a careful puzzle that worked with our wonky walls and sloping back yard. They were heavy, it was not an easy job but definitely satisfactory to finally finish.  The idea was that by stacking them this way, the top of the logs could become seating as well as a fun space for the kids to climb about on. They definitely add character and charm to our inner city garden. Having made the bed, it was rather late in the season to start planting but I went ahead anyway...with my lack of skills and knowledge. I planted a few rows of tomatoes that grew straight out of the compost and this little patch grew into a monstrous beast of tangled plants threatening to take over the entire garden. Alas, a short and rather cool summer meant that very few tomatoes actually ripened.......

....but we did harvest just over 8kg of green fruits. Not too bad! My neighbours got chutneys and green tomato ketchup and I gave a few bags away to other neighbours, one of whom made an amazing sweet tomato jam. All of this recycling and working in the garden makes me feel good, it reminds me of helping my mother as a child.

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