Sunday, 18 October 2015

Creative trade

A neighbour of mine did some really lovely drawings of my children which we now have up on the wall. I wanted to thank her and offer something that I myself had made. On telling her I wasn't so great at making adult things she asked if I may be able to recreate an apron she had as a child as she had two God daughter's who she would love to give them too. I set to work and made a traditional style apron using some quality white cotton and a simple stencil screen print. I was told the girls really loved them which is great. Seeing as I was making two already, I made one for my children as well. Their dressing up box is mostly home made now as I've been slowly getting rid of the Disney synthetics! I also printed two tops before the screen dried up, just for fun. Unfortunately one cross print did splurge but the kids never noticed!

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