Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Spin painting

This was actually the kids idea and not mine. They had been looking at artists who used bright colours for a school project and had seen one of Damien Hirst's spin paintings. They thought it was amazing and wanted to make some themselves. So we set about making some little devices to recreate small scale versions, using things we had around the home.
I got them to do some colour mixing.
Then we threw ourselves into the fun of it....and got nicely splattered with paint until we managed to make a more sophisticated mark 2 model!
The kids had so much fun but we had to stop at nightfall!
Below are a few pieces they made. 
For our second attempt we made a paint shield...
..and a better base to pin our paper to. The first time the pins kept getting flung out. This time they stuck fast to the layers of wool i attached underneath a layer of packing foam.
The little one also enjoyed it but wasn't patient enough to do more than two pieces.
These are a few of the small discs. A lot of fun was had and you really could go on forever, its not something you could get bored of easily.

Egg rolling 2016

I'm a bit late posting all of these images but here are the eggs from this year's Easter Egg rolling competition that we hold every year. As usual it was a lot of fun.... And as always I was nowhere near winning! Next year.... There is always another chance!
The kids and my eggs. it was a rather last minute decorate this year. Will try harder next.

Reversible balaclava

Nothing special, just a quick balaclava my daughter wanted me to make for her this winter. Her brother had something similar and she was feeling left out. Would have been more fun using prints but I only had these three colours to hand, so just threw them together. It was a very handy hat, I'm sure I will make more in the future.

Claude and Sir Bobblysock

Here is the costume I made for my daughter for world book day this year. She is Claude the dog from the series of books by Alex.T.Smith. They are probably the first books she read on her own and she laughs out loud when she reads them.
It started with this book which was the first of the Claude books she owned.
Then there was this diabolical sketch by me!
And it progressed on to making a fur print stencil for screen printing.
Which ended up as this white with grey print jersey for the leggings.
Then there was a beret and a Sir Bobblysock,
and then a few more colour ways were printed for fun, because i just cant help myself!
And those lengths of jersey ended up as some leggings.
A few more samples and i think i did a pretty good job. I always try to make fabric costumes rather than paper as i want them to last and be able to be used again and again. The little red riding hood cape i made the year before last is still being worn regularly. In fact my daughter keeps it on her coat peg she wears it that much!
And the result...! She loved it and it was comfy for a days wear.
The little one likes to join in as well, so he got a pair of fur print leggings and his own collar too!

Fleece snoods for Calais

The Injustice people experience in this world is one of the most upsetting and paralysing things for me. We can't solve everything and indeed most of the time we feel powerless to do anything. Having felt very much like that these past months I decided to do a bit of sewing to make my small donations go a bit further. A neighbour made a few trips to 'the Jungle' refugee camp in Calais and having gathered medical supplies already, I decided to make some snoods and balaclavas to send when he went again. I hope they helped some people feel a degree warmer in the bitter winter weather.