Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Spin painting

This was actually the kids idea and not mine. They had been looking at artists who used bright colours for a school project and had seen one of Damien Hirst's spin paintings. They thought it was amazing and wanted to make some themselves. So we set about making some little devices to recreate small scale versions, using things we had around the home.
I got them to do some colour mixing.
Then we threw ourselves into the fun of it....and got nicely splattered with paint until we managed to make a more sophisticated mark 2 model!
The kids had so much fun but we had to stop at nightfall!
Below are a few pieces they made. 
For our second attempt we made a paint shield...
..and a better base to pin our paper to. The first time the pins kept getting flung out. This time they stuck fast to the layers of wool i attached underneath a layer of packing foam.
The little one also enjoyed it but wasn't patient enough to do more than two pieces.
These are a few of the small discs. A lot of fun was had and you really could go on forever, its not something you could get bored of easily.

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