Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bike cargo rack seat

So the bike has become a favourite possession I guess. The bike bag has also now just been replaced by this rather brilliant cargo rack cushion seat pad. My daughter was giving her friends and her little brother backies but it wasn't too comfortable on their little bottoms. I thought I could make something to remedy that, and I did! All the materials I had in the house, so I didn't get anything special. Some foam, wadding, brown board a staple gun, a bit of velcro and a piece of waxed cotton.

I traced off the shape of the cargo rack frame and cut a piece of brown board that size. I then fixed a variety of foams, wadding and stuffing to the board and fastened a layer of cotton calico over the top to contain it all and give it a nice shape.

I then stretched the waxed cotton over the top, added the velcro straps at the right angle to fasten over the the cargo frame and stapled on a piece of black suede. The black suede finished it all off but also provided a nice amount of grip on the metal. The velcro straps hold the cushion pad in place incredibly well ( a few more were added after this photo was taken) and you cant even see them once the seat pad has been installed as they are all hidden underneath and neatly out of the way.
The seat cushion does look rather retro on the back of her bike but my daughter loves it and very proudly tells people that I made it when they comment on her funky bike. This item is definitely a hit and we actually haven't taken it off since I made it!

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