Sunday, 23 October 2016

'Muscle glove'

My son has this alter ego called 'Speedy cat', which you may know about if you've read my other posts. Its odd because he's not exactly a fan of cats or anything, it just randomly came to be...and we all accepted that. He sometimes puts on the mask and cape I made him and jumps about the flat menacingly. (none of us, nor possibly himself either, really know if speedy cat is good or bad!)
Well, long story short, speedy cat has special powers and un-suprisingly his most famous power is his speed. And as many little boys do at this age, my son picked up on 'super heroes' from his peers and got into some Superman books from the library. He took an old toilet roll tube, put it on his wrist and started calling it his 'muscle glove'. This 'Muscle glove was apparently the source of all his super powers and had lots of buttons to press for all the different powers he could harness. 
He brought it out with me one evening and was desperately trying to show everyone at a book launch. Unfortunately his rough handling and over excitement meant that the 'muscle glove' didn't last past this evening. I promised him that we could make something a bit more durable and this is the result of that evenings night time activity

The muscle glove is simply some padded fabric that fits like a cuff around the wrist, fastened with press studs and with button like detailing screen printed onto it. I printed two scraps of fabric just in case one went wrong. My daughter got the other one because she hates feeling like she's missed out! 

Here is the pattern for the cuff and the screen print stencils. It actually took me quite a while to get the cuff the right shape and size so that it would fit my kids arms properly.

This is the screen printing. I may as well have just painted it for all the effort it took! I was thinking about adding gold foil to the lightening strike but I may not.

Here the button shapes got quilted just to make them a little bit three dimensional.

And to finish it off, the cuffs got bound and then I added press studs to enable them to fasten. My kids had a lot of fun with these. They spent a great deal of time thinking up all the different super powers they would want to have and it was rather funny watching them practice saving each other. 'Ice blocks' was one of the most interesting super powers!

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