Sunday, 23 October 2016

Pure wool and Natural plant dyes

My daughter was given two lovely pure wool vests but they had small stains on. We decided to have a bit of fun with them in a bid to cover the stains and make them pretty to wear.

We decided to experiment with natural dyes using things we had in our kitchen and the garden. Both my children found this experiment a lot of fun and they enjoyed collecting berries from the garden as well as flowers and some spices from the kitchen. We used Lavender, hibiscus, turmeric, blueberries, raspberries and salt.

We washed the garments in a solution of warm water and salt first before proceeding to apply the dyes by squashing them into the fibres of the garments.

The blueberries had some amazing blue, green and purple tones that were incredibly rich and quite unexpected. The raspberries and the turmeric were nice and strong and fairly consistent colours.

The results of our various experiments....

I wasn't able to capture the beautiful colours of our finished vests but you can see the different techniques we tried. The two longer vests were 100% linen and the shorter length ones were 100% merino wool. My daughter was really happy with the outcomes and my son really wants to do it all again!

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